NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions Preview : NFL Wild Card Games

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions Preview NFL Wild Card Games. watch nfl playoffs game live, stream, news, online. get your NFL playoff 2017 news online.

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions

It’s time for the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoff 2017, which also means that we suddenly have four games to worry about this weekend instead of the typical sixteen or so. Of course, our Green Bay Packers are playing this weekend, thanks to their incredible hot streak as they ran the table over the past six games.

Will Aaron Rodgers be able to solve the New York Giants’ defense? Or will playoff hero Eli Manning rise like a phoenix out of a turnover-filled 2016 season to lead Big Blue to another postseason victory at Lambeau Field?

It probably should not come as a surprise that APC is picking the Packers this week — after all, we are a Packers blog run by Packers fans. Here are our complete picks for this week’s games.

As an added bonus, APC narrowly picks the Packers to cover the 4.5-point spread, with our average score ending up at about 27-21 in favor of Green Bay.

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions

Evan “Tex” Western

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions – Packers defeat Giants, 24-20

The Packers’ defense can got to force some turnovers if they’re to travel on a supernatural contest run, even with Damarious Randall trying like he’s able to opt for Sunday. The lucky factor is that Eli Manning is returning to city, and he has been like Santa Claus every now and then this year, with six multi-interception games, sixteen picks total, and 7 fumbles.

Even against a stout Giants defense, I can’t see the Packers being command below twenty points with the approach Aaron Rodgers is enjoying, and that they have the right pairing weapon in Jared Cook to attack the center of the sphere. moreover, the Giants haven’t scored quite nineteen in any of their last 5 games. I bet they get to twenty, however no a lot of because of many ill-timed turnovers, as well as one close to the tip of the sport that saves Green Bay from another contest loss on the ultimate play.

Jason B. Hirschhorn

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions – Packers defeat Giants 28-17

The Giants in all probability possess the simplest defense within the playoffs whereas the Packers possess one among the worst, therefore the risk of an unpleasant win for brand spanking new royal house definitely exists. However, Aaron composer and therefore the offense have compete further as any non-Falcons unit over the past month. Meanwhile, Eli Manning has thrown as several interceptions as touchdowns over the past 3 weeks, and appears out of types to a degree not seen from the veteran quarterback in many years. All of these factors, combined with home-field advantage, weigh in inexperienced Bay’s favor.

Mike Vieth

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions – Packers 27, Giants 20

Two of the most well liked groups within the league come back face to face at Lambeau. ought to be as amusive because the past competition games between the 2. The hot dog Aaron composer against the dyspneic defense of the Giants. this may be the most important take a look at composer has had since the Packers began running the table. On the opposite aspect of the ball, we’ve got the poor Giants offense against the poor Packers defense. Eli Manning ought to be able to benefit of the dearth of depth at corner for the Packers. this may be a dogfight to the top however composer will merely enough to send the Packers to consecutive spherical.

Jon Meerdink

NFL Playoff 2017 Predictions – Packers 28, Giants 24

Since the Giants derailed the Packers’ 2011 season, the book on beating Aaron Rodgers has been simple: get pressure along with your front four and drop as several bodies into coverage as attainable, blow the wide receivers as you go. It worked for brand spanking new royal line six years agone partly as a result of the Packers’ offensive line wasn’t near the pass protective machine that it’s these days. Marshall Newhouse even started thirteen games for Green Bay that year, though Chad Clifton came back for the playoffs. Now, Newhouse are manning the proper tackle spot for the Giants, and that i assume the distinction between the offensive lines and also the protection they afford their quarterbacks are the distinction during this game.


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